Basic rundown

  • You won't distribute the mod in an attempt to make money

  • You will not blame me if your computer breaks

  • You will not blame me for any personal harm due to my mods

  • You accept that downloading any mods not from the sites listed below you are at risk of malware and that it is NOT my fault

  • I do not have to give any help if my mods are broken

  • I reserve the right to remove your video off of video sharing websites

  • You may not decompile and change my work.

More specific

By downloading and/or using SoggyMustache ("Modder/ George Kazanjian")'s mods, you hereby permit the Mod and any software which has a hard dependency ("Child Mods") to run on your computer. You accept that the Mod is provided without warranty; no software support is to be given from SoggyMustache("Author") unless otherwise stated. You will also not hold SoggyMustache ("Author") and other official contributors liable for any damage or harm caused to your machinery, self or any objects/biological beings around you. Contributions by the official contributors will be thoroughly screened/managed by the Author to ensure it is working as intended by the Author without any malicious intent. If any damage or harm has indeed been pinpointed to the Mod as the cause SoggyMustache is not responsible that is your problem although there should be no problems if download from correct site. You understand that any downloads of the Mod not originating from,,, or ("Websites") leading to the Website's File Host may be modified without knowledge of the Author and may be malicious, and will not hold the Author responsible. In the event that any downloads originating from the Website are indeed malicious no fix is required to be given and the Author ("SoggyMustache") is not responsible for any damages. You accept that if you are redistributing the Mod to other users without their agreement of this EULA, you therefore hold yourself accountable for any conflict or problem that occurs and will be held responsible. This includes but is not limited to any of the other users disagreeing to any data collection done by the Mod. You may not hold SoggyMustache responsible for any downloads from a website that is un-authorized to re-upload the mod. You accept that redistributing the mod is not allowed and only SoggyMustache("Author")may upload the mod. Mods can only be posted to other websites if the download link on the page takes the downloader to in the case that you do not make the download take you to you will need to change it immediatly. You accept that the EULA may change at any time without prior notice. I reserve the right to remove your video off of video sharing websites (You will be notified to remove the video first). You may not decompile and/or change my work. You also agree that if you repost the mod with the proper download any screenshots ("Images") by SoggyMustache ("Author") or affiliates will NOT be water warked and will contain full credit to the owner.