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Emulator Cabinet is an all in one emulator launcher select the emulators you use and it will show all your games as well as quickly launch the game you choose



Below is an example of the program running



2.4: Moved location of the data file to user home and other stuff I forgot :/

2.3: Splashscreen for loading, major changes to the setup screen (background, logo, other changes)

2.2: Multible select for the setup process

2.1: Ability to change font color to black or white in config and minor code changes

2.0: Added larger window size to make UI feel less cluttered

1.9: URL backgrounds and code changes

1.8: added auto update checker so you get the latest version!

1.7: added more stability and new menu bar items

1.6: added (partial) PS emulator support (support for bin/cue and img)

1.5: stability fixes to make background work better

1.4: added in ability to change background

1.3: code improvements to make program run better

1.2: fixed emulator counting error

1.1: UI changes & Window size fixes

1.0: initial release